50 By 50


I enjoyed several Facebook movies today in celebration of the social media company’s 10-year anniversary. Ten years is a nice milestone to reach, but let’s talk about an even bigger one – the 50th birthday.

There are a lot of folks turning 50 this year! Let’s see… Courtney Love and Courteney Cox, Michelle Obama, Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck, Sandra Bullock and Melissa Gilbert, Russell Crowe, Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves and Rob Lowe. Jeopardy!, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” also turn 50 in 2014. It seems every time I turn around I hear of someone turning 50. It may be I am just tuned into those particular messages, but 1964 was a big year. In addition to being a pivotal time in history, the year marks the official end of the Baby Boom Generation, the years 1946-1964.

Along with these high-profile individuals above, I and many of my friends will see 50 during the course of this year. I admit I have some anxiety about the whole thing, but what is one to do?

So, as I began this year, I again made the resolution to lose weight and get into shape. This is not a new effort for me. If I am to be totally honest, this is perhaps the area in which I have felt most defeated and frustrated throughout my life. Many face the same weight challenges.

I decided I should make it my goal to lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday. Thankfully, my birthday falls in September, so this is a doable, if not lofty goal. I have been dieting for about one month now, and I am down seven pounds. This is certainly not as fast as I would like, but remember… I am almost 50!

Whether your motivator is a big birthday, a big event, or a challenge gone unmet for too long, may you have success in your 2014 resolutions and goals. I will keep you posted on mine. My hope is that with lots of effort and prayer, I can do this thing. Plus, it would be really fun to say “I lost 50 pounds the year I turned 50!”

Let me know what motivates you in 2014.

Have a Blessed Wednesday!



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    • Thanks! I believe you are speaking of 50, the age rather than 50, the pounds when you say it is not so bad. You’ve made the age look pretty good!