My house is a major mess at the moment! We are having our dated and well-worn kitchen vinyl flooring replaced, and the project is scheduled to start within the hour. The work is to be completed by Friday, and while I am excited, I am calling upon my limited resources of “zen” right now.Under Construction- Blog Use

Picture this if you will:

  • three important appliances now sit in my garage
  • wall hangings and décor lean against the walls of the office
  • craft supplies from a 4-H meeting and a Valentine’s Day party clutter the counter
  • the dining table, chairs and benches consume the foyer
  • what visible floor surface exists outside the kitchen is spotted with evidence of melting snow

Things are in disarray, and they will be until the flooring, painting, and delivery of the new frig are finished. So, what am I to do? First, I have to just “be calm,” as they say, and try to be productive while the work is being done. Next, I must look forward to the finished product that we’ve been planning for a long time, even though things look ugly right now. And, I need to recognize that overhauls sometimes take longer or become more complicated, so I’ll have to be patient with the process.

Our lives are sometimes like that. There are times when our personal or professional lives become messy. Often those times usher in growth of one form or another. The messes we typically bring on ourselves must be endured in the process of learning and becoming better, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In those growing and learning spaces in time, we must relax and try to do good work. We should be excited about the finished product that He has in mind for each of us. And, we need to exercise patience as God’s plan for each of us unfolds and becomes complete.

Wish me well on my home remodeling project, as well as any holy upgrades that are surely in my future. I will do the same for you!

Have a Blessed Wednesday!



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