Best Laid Plans of Moms and Dads


It’s date night for my husband and I this evening. Date nights have been infrequent during our 20 years of marriage. When our children were younger, we typically took them with us wherever we went. Now that they are older, we usually go somewhere with them – band performances, cheer practices or competitions, FFA events, etc. They now set the agenda for us.

Valentine’s Day (last Friday) was rather uneventful at the Franz household, at least from a romantic view. After an 11-hour day of dipping strawberries on Thursday (this to support a cheerleading fundraiser) and a 4-H meeting that evening, my son played with the pep band on the 14th, and my daughter babysat three little guys here at our home while their young parents had an overnight stay.

My perfectly-planned blog writing schedule was thrown off, and our Valentine’s celebration delayed a bit. We did attend a lovely adult-only party at our church Saturday evening, and the meal, fellowship and games were lots of fun. And, tonight Tim and I will complete our couple’s weekend by going to a movie and dinner with - strawberries

Love – often and especially married love – is like that. We sometimes set aside our own schedules and plans for those of our children. Our goals are regularly adjusted to accommodate our parenting roles. Our own entertainment is put on the back burner so we can fulfill mom and dad responsibilities. Husbands and wives understand the shared priorities within their marriage and are usually united in accomplishing the goals of the family. That is perhaps one of the most romantic things about being in a long, committed marriage.

Regarding last weekend, I wouldn’t have changed anything. I enjoyed the bonding with the other moms, all of us covered in white and milk chocolate at the day’s end. My husband liked seeing the basketball team win with the encouragement of the band, and we girls had a lively time with some precious children.

What’s on your schedule tonight? Share your plans with us, and…

Enjoy the weekend!



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