Top Ten Lists of Laughs and Cries


We’re all abundantly aware of the seemingly never-ending cold and snowy weather that’s plagued much of the United States this winter season. Of course, we all know it will eventually end, and warm days will come. But in the meantime, the dreary days often dampen spirits. Most folks are craving warmth and sun for a variety of reasons, physical and mental.

So, here’s a quick prescription for bringing a smile to your face and greater gratitude to your heart, when you may be feeling less that perky and motivated.

As I’ve grown older, I have come to really savor big laughs in life. I find that they aren’t always easy to come by. Now, I am not talking about joy or contentment or chuckles. I am referring to the BIG laughs that happen spontaneously in life – the kind that linger in our minds for years to come and really mark events in our lives.

How many of those do we have in life? Five, twenty, fifty? Well, I guess that depends on perspective, but I can easily identify the top ten laughs in my life. And, those laughs are real treasures.

Picture a family vacation to the beach. We’d packed up and were headed back to the condo. I was schlepping a variety of totes and gear, following several feet behind my sister. I have a “trick knee,” and it went out on me. When this happened, I clumsily fell, and the 35-mm camera I held snuggly in my hand went sailinblog- laughs and criesg into the back of my sister’s head. She hit the deck, so to speak. She wailed and grabbed the back of her skull, convinced there was a sniper invading the beach. It may sound a bit demented, but it was full-out hysterical.

If we are to be honest, the best laughs often come in times of slight injury and bodily functions. Once when my sister, my mom and I were Christmas shopping, my mother found a quilting store going out of business at the outlet mall. After considerable time, she purchased a bounty of bedding, which we drug out in huge garbage bags. As we struggled to schlep (seems I’m always carrying stuff) these monstrous bags, we became self-conscious amidst all the shoppers. We started giggling, and, then, well we had to go potty. Bad! It was awful. Burdened with bags and bent over laughing, we desperately tried to regain composure. You know what I mean!

These laughs provide great memories for us, and it’s worthwhile to take time to recall them. And, let’s not forget the biggest cries in life. They are the sobs that come with the disappointment of unrealized dreams, the shame of addiction, the defeat of divorce, the frustration of infertility, or the utter despair of losing a loved one. They come upon us in times of acute pain and randomly out of nowhere, evoked by a hymn or a comment or a memory.

In the quiet of winter days, let’s linger a moment on the joys and sorrows of life. The laughs and the cries that have shaken our bodies and exhausted our energies – those are good things.

What situation or event makes your Top Ten List of Laughs (or Cries)?

Have a Blessed Wednesday!



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