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The new season of Survivor began a couple weeks ago, and they have divided teams in a new way for this edition of the perennial favorite. This season participants were assigned to their initial teams based on each individual’s level of beauty, brawn or brains.

So, while I am not an avid follower of the show, I did catch the first episode, and it reminded me of my blog and my own affection for alliteration. Then, I couldn’t help but see the similarities in the three B’s identified by Survivor producers and the three B’s identified by me.

Let’s take a look…blog - daisies

First, let’s examine the idea of blooming. Does any word as readily conjure visions of flowers in spring bursting forth with vivid color? The classic, untouched, perfection of a rose, the serene symmetry of lilies, and the vibrancy of Gerbera daisies—these are certainly among the most beautiful pictures found in nature. And so it goes, blooming, either literally or figuratively, is a beauty-filled process for flowers and for us humans.

Next, consider bonds. blog- alliterationWhen I think of bonding, I think of connections and relationships that advance to a higher degree. I don’t often feel bonded with a professional acquaintance or my dental hygienist. (I may become very close to my daughter’s dentist before her orthodontic treatment is over, though!)  I do feel bonded with those whom I have shared experiences. I feel “tight” with those I worship with, those I tell my secrets too, those with whom I have history. While there may not be a great many bonds in each of our lives, those bonds are typically strong. They are tested, tried and true. The brawn matters in our lives; the brawn keeps us together.

Now compare building with brains. Do you see any association between the two? When we hablog- child learningve small children, we teach them innumerable lessons as quickly as we can. And, their spongy little brains soak it all in. We train, model, explain and demonstrate, all in the hope of growing a happy, healthy adult. We start them out in life, and our greatest desire is that they’ll continue to build on what they’ve learned as they go throughout their lives.

It will be interesting to see who ends up on top at the end of this Survivor season. For my part, I think we need them all. I’d hate to go through life without some of each. Do you have any predictions for the outcome? Share them with us!

Enjoy a Thoughtful Thursday!



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