No Controversy in Diversity


Divergent is the new movie that everyone is buzzing about, and I, along with four middle school girls, saw it over the weekend. Based on the book by Veronica Roth, the movie tells the story of Beatrice (Tris) Prior who is in danger, along with a few others like her, who possess a unique collection of attributes. The government is much more comfortable with those who fit into one category only.

Those “factions” in the movie are as follows:

“Abnegation” – They are the selfless, the civil servants, the humble; they sacrifice for others.

“Amity” – These are the peace-lovers. They grow the food and seek - divergent -

“Candor” – This group seeks honesty and truth above all else; they administer the justice system.

“Dauntless” – Fearless and daring, these are the military and law enforcement officers.

“Erudite” – The most intelligent of society belong to this group of thinkers and creators.

It’s an interesting premise for a movie, and I expect most viewers can’t resist wondering where they would fit in this imaginary society. Personally, I would fall in “Candor” with lesser inclinations toward “Abnegation” and “Amity.” However, my prideful self would like to think I approach “Erudite,” but my “Candor” self recognizes I am anything but “Dauntless.”

Divergent is entertaining and thought-provoking, and it addresses the message of conformity. From a secular view, movie-goers are encouraged to explore and appreciate all their talents and gifts, even when those around them may not value their uniqueness and diversity.

Aren’t we fortunate to live in a culture where each of us can express our talents and gifts freely, and aren’t we blessed that God has given each of us a wonderfully unique set of them!

“We all have different gifts. Each gift came because of the grace God gave us. Whoever has the gift of prophecy should use that gift in a way that fits the kind of faith they have. Whoever has the gift of serving should serve. Whoever has the gift of teaching should teach.” (Romans 12:6-7 ERV).

What did you think of Divergent? If you had to fit into a faction, which one would it be?

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4 responses

  1. Our family has decided not to see the movie until Madison has finished reading the book. With only 87 pages left to go, my hope was to see it this weekend. Over breakfast this morning Maddy was explaining the heroine is from the Abnegation Faction, but being divergent chose to integrate into the Dauntless group.

    “So Maddy, what is the Abnegation Faction like?’

    “Well, they only do volunteer work.” (I do a self survey. 4-H club leader, shooting sports leader, jail ministry, not to mention mom duties. No paycheck. I check the box.)

    “They only wear gray.” (I am wearing head to toe gray as I hear this. Think about the contents of my closet. Check.)

    “They never look in the mirror.” (Since the onset of middle age, I check the mirror only to pluck chin hairs and to monitor neck wattle progression. Check.)

    I guess it’s Abnegation by default. BUT isn’t it truly erudite to realize that we morph in and out of all the factions in different seasons of our lives? Check.

    • So well said, my friend! And, you are and will remain a wonderful example of “abnegation” and “erudite” through all the seasons of your life! Thanks, Angie.

    • I think you do! No need to be sorry; we need more of those. And, in the movie, they looked like the ones having the best time, too.