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blog - cheekyHave you noticed that the images of beautiful women have changed over the years? Who hasn’t, right? I am specifically referring to body shape, size and type. We expect that styles in clothing, hair and make-up change, but it’s strange to see how wildly figures have fluctuated as well.

I have written before about my aunt’s wedding wall, on which we can observe how bridal fashions changed over ten decades; every family marriage (that has lasted, and most have) is commemorated there with a wedding-day photo of the couple. And, who hasn’t enjoyed a laugh at “throw-back Thursday” postings of crazy high school hairdos. And, yes, make-up too has changed. The nineties were a rather clownish time for cosmetics.

Marilyn Monroe, Candice Bergen, Twiggy, Farrah Fawcett, Pam Anderson, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum are some who have graced the pages of celebrity and fashion magazines as examples of beauty and sex appeal. Over time we have seen women with “softer” bodies and those that are quite athletic. The magazines and media have embraced women who were completely natural in appearance, but today we see few who are. Curvy versus willowy, strong versus feminine.

The latest trend, which I really cannot get behind, is the desire to have a Brazilian bottom. “Why in my day”… the last thing a gal wanted was a big rear end. Whether I wanted it or not, I got one. So, consequently, my family is contractually forbidden to take any photographs of mom from that particular angle.

These days, though, I am not thrilled with my front angle either. As a youth the cheeks on my face were very full, round and rosy. So, I always felt my face looked fat even when the rest of me was thin. However, as I grew older, I noticed that the cheeks were not as full – that was a good thing. Except now, I have the distinct feeling that those cheeks have gone south on me and are now presenting as jowls. Yikes! The fullness has flipped!

It’s tough being a female in today’s world. Knowing and keeping up with how we are supposed to look is confounding for those who haven’t simply given up trying. Maybe we should instead focus on rules that don’t seem to change as often – like those of what inner beauty looks likes. Warmth, sincerity, generosity, kindness and faithfulness are some that I see in truly beautiful sisters. What do you think makes a woman beautiful inside? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more–it is what is on the inside that counts! Beauty comes from what we say and do and how we influence others, but when we feel good about the way we look and feel, it is easier to show our real beauty. I’ll be working on that until my dying day, I hope!

    • I think that is true. We do feel more comfortable and secure in our interactions when we are doing the best with what He gives us!