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Sisters share a lot. My sister and I were born twenty months apart; I am the older. We share the same parents, the same upbringing, and the same childhood experiences. We have the same brown eyes and the same solid work ethic. We both lack any ability to sell anything – we are without a sales gene. And, we’ve shared our joys and sorrows in …

Today, I am sharing the story of how Tim and I came to meet at . Brenda Rodgers, author and blogger, writes for single women. She advises them on how to “do singleness” in a Godly and healthy way, which can be difficult in our world. Learn more about Brenda and my story at:

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I will be posting each day on a different topic, and each day there will be a drawing for a give-away. Those who comment on my blog or subscribe to it will be entered into the drawing. I will post the full details later this week, but I hope it will be lots of fun, and I hope you’ll encourage friends to take a look at

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  1. I envy gals that have sisters. I am an only child and it was very lonesome growing up. I was very fortunate I had a friend my age living across the road and we were always together. Now I have many good friends that I consider my sisters as they are my confidants as well. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

  2. Congratulations Hally. Having had six sisters, I’ve often thought what a treasure I had growing up. Your blog can provide that treasure to those who have no sister. What a fun, helpful thing to do.

    • Thanks, Polly! Our sisters are often our best friends, and for those without sisters, I think their closest friends become like sisters. We love our girlfriend/sister relationships!