Let’s Connect!


It seems like a time for celebration.

Beginning tomorrow (Monday), I am going to be posting on bloombondbuild.com every day, and, in addition, I will be giving away some cool gifts for you, your family, and your home. I hope you will join me for discussion and fun… and a chance to win!

So what’s the occasion? 

First, I’d like to encourage you to check out my blog. It’s my hope that bloombondbuild.com has something to educate or entertain everyone, and I’d love to have you be a part of it. I know your time is limited, and there are MANY competing sources of information in our world. So, it is an honor for me when someone chooses to spend their valuable time at my site. I’d like to give you an extra incentive to take a look and consider subscribing.

Secondly, why must Mother’s Day last only for a single Sunday in May? Why not keep the love flowing a bit longer? The drawings this week will include the decadent and the decorblog - contest kick-off - 5-11-14ative; the prizes are both personal and parent-related. And, I hope to introduce you to a few local entrepreneurs you may not yet know about.

Finally, I am just SO happy that spring has arrived. Most of us had a brutally long winter, but now the sun, heat and Vitamin D have returned. I love it, and I think many of you do, too.

Now that you know the why, here’s the how: 

Your name will be entered into the day’s drawing for commenting on Bloom, Bond & Build. The comments for that day’s post will be tallied and the commenter names entered at the end of each day (12:00 midnight). Only comments made by midnight (CT) of the day of the post will be included for that particular drawing.

If you read the post and decide you would like to subscribe to Bloom, Bond & Build, you will be entered in the drawing on the day you subscribe, as well as each of the remaining drawings for the week. Hint: If you wish to subscribe, do it early in the week! For those who have already subscribed to my blog, let me say “Thank You!” And, you will each receive one entry for each of the drawings done during the week (5 total).

WordPress will help me track comments and subscribers, so this is why I am asking that comments be made here rather than on FB. I want to make sure I capture all entries, and this is the most efficient way for me to do that.

Periodically throughout the week, I will announce winners and post blog teasers on Facebook.

I do “moderate” every blog comment, and if a comment is inappropriate or offensive, I will probably not approve it, and that commenter name will not be entered into the drawing.

I hope you will join me for some fun and virtual fellowship!

Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!



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    • Hi, Charla! I do believe you have been successfully subscribed. The e-mail address shown on the “follower” information is slightly different, but I am pretty sure it is you. You should get posts each day this week automatically in your e-mail. Please let me know if you don’t. Thanks so much for reading. I will make sure to add you to the drawing each day! Have a great week!