Home Styles and Talking Trials


What is your decorating style? A quick online search reveals a wide range of styles that exist in the home decorating world. There is Victorian, art deco, contemporary, country French, arts and crafts, southwestern, industrial, coastal, modern midcentury, Asian, Hollywood regency, traditional and more.

When I decided to redecorate my kitchen recently, I didn’t really have a name for what I wanted, but I had a picture in my head. Sometimes, the picture in your head is hard to communicate out of your mouth.

My kitchen had been completely painted – orange. The dated vinyl flooring, revealing every speck of dirt in its whitish pinpoint pattern, was taken up and replaced with neutral ceramic-looking tiles. And, we had replaced our country light fixture with a warm one that had a sort of Spanish feel, I thought. That’s where my work had ceased. The walls were bare. So, I called in help from my friend, “J.” We’ll call her “J” for this article.

J is a pretty good decorator. The book club members all agree. When I told her I wanted to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to look for kitchen décor, she was all in. First, though, she came to see where I stood and what we needed to be looking for.

She walked in and got busy assessing the walls, shapes and colors she would be working with. I showed her some towels and a decorative plate I wanted to utilize. And, her creative juices were flowing as a vision came into place for her… some metal work here, a piece of art there, a grouping, a new non-country foyer bench, different kitchen window blinds (we had just bought new blinds), some pottery.

J: “So, you’re kinda going for Arizona.”

H: “Yeah, I think that’s the idea (sounds about right).”

And, off to the resale shops we went.

Now, I am not snooty, but resale stores don’t work well for me. I just can’t see the potential. I lack that particular skill. However, once there, J found a lovely bowl for my table.

H: “That’s good. I could put some colored balls (orbs) in it.”

J: “No, honey. Not colored. Brown.”

I found another bowl, smaller and multi-colored, for a shelf and took it to J for her thoughts. She appeared befuddled.

J: “You can’t use this bowl with that other one.”

H: “Oh.”

J: “We’re not on the same page, here.”

H: “Okay, so think Mexican restaurant.”

While I am not bold in my own personal style, I like color in my home. My website background was chosen, because it makes me think of Guatemala (Mayan), where my girl was born.

J: “Ohhhh, I got it. Let’s put this other one back. I’m with you now.”

J, though I strongly suspect is not really down with the Mexican restaurant style of kitchen decorating, shifted gears and proceeded to help me search for the things that would work right for me. (The proper name may be “Hacienda” style. Then, again, that may be something altogether diffeBlog - Home Decor Gift - 5-13-14rent.)

Sometimes, we don’t communicate well, even with those who know us well. We may think others fully “get” what we’re saying, and yet the message is unclear. This may not be as critical in matters of home décor, but it sure is when we are talking about big issues.

When we are expressing and demonstrating our expectations to our children, we better be clear. When we talk to them about right and wrong, morality and Godliness, we must not be vague. And, when we seek to share our faith and the story of salvation with those who may not know, we need to be completely understood.

Today’s drawing prize (pictured here) was put together personally by All About Home owner, Lori Akins. Located on Main Street in Troy, MO, All About Home has a beautiful collection of home décor items. And, the building itself a lot of history. That may be the subject of a future post!

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4 responses

  1. Hey Hallie! Popping in to check out your blog…I really like the colors!
    Great article too. Thank goodness for Pinterest, bc I don’t think I could even put what style I like into words. And so true about our communication it’s one of the downfalls of relationships. When we don’t clearly communicate things can really go south fast.

    • Thanks for the look and comment, Alecia! Oh, yes, Pinterest! I had a page for my kitchen while I was working on that, but have deleted it now. Fun stuff, for sure!

  2. It takes communication of our thoughts and also modeling them every day in every situation for children to begin to understand our expectations. Great article, Holly.

    • So true, Charla. Our communicating begins with our words spoken in a clear and understandable way. However, our communication continues with how we behave in our daily walk — whether observed by our kids, our co-workers, or those in the community.