Travel Buds and Buzz


We’re now in countdown mode. If not for nasty weather, my children would be starting summer vacation at the end of today. But, the snow, ice and cold we had will keep them in school for a couple more weeks. While our summer will be shorter, there are still many plans for my family over the next few months. I am sure it is likewise in your home.

First on the schedule will be a full-family trip to Wisconsin Dells. My husband and two kids will join my mom and step-dad, my sister and brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew for this road trip north. This won’t be our first vacation as a large group, and I know many families now travel in mass. People also enjoy book club trips, hunting trips, and group adventures of all nature.

It’s tons of fun to get out of town with friends and family, but it is important to be cognizant of travel preferences and personalities when you do. I believe there are four types of travelers, and I encourage you to consider what types you are hitting the road with; it may be all of them.

1) Learners – They like museums and architecture, history and culture. They keep a full itinerary while on vacation. Learners do not wish to waste an opportunity to gain knowledge about a new place. They may even record the trivia they acquire along the way. (Is that weird?)

2) Adventures – These are the bungee-jumping, ski-diving, Go-Kart racing folks. They like a hard day of play, along with a healthy adrenaline rush. Whether at the beach or the mountains or an amusement park, they strive for adventure and a break from the ordinary routine. (That’s weird! Are you trying to kill yourself?)

3) Admirers – Soaking up the natural beauty of a destination is what these travelers enjoy. They feel energized by landscapes and vistas unfamiliar to their own. Admirers enjoy hiking and camping, boating and fishing. They seek inspiration during their respites from the daily grind. (That was a fun morning, not let’s get to it.)

4) Relaxers – They just want to chill. Relaxers have no agenda other than to do exactly what sounds good in the moment. Lounging on a beach with a cold drink, taking long naps, savoring good meals, reading – that’s their style. Vacation means escaping real-world stressors and plans. (Rigor is setting in, here!)

In spite of my attempts at humor and my personal, completely unbiased comments above, I recognize that all of these are totally valid travel types. And, the thing about vacationing with others is that we have to respect everyone’s unique travel expectations and needs.

So, when you set off on those upcoming journeys, enjoy being with one another, but remember to be flexible and consider the wishes of all in the group.

Now, here’s a link to a similar piece I wrote at The Christian Pulse a few years ago. This devotion encourages us to incorporate the above travel perspectives into our spiritual life:005

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Enjoy the weekend!



2 responses

  1. I think I’m definitely more of an admirer and relaxer. I like to take in the culture around me and just let all my worries fade away with the sunset. My husband is more of a doer, so it’s a struggle to find that balance when we go on a vacay. 🙂

    • Hi, Alecia. I saw an episode of “The Middle” last night about their vacation to Florida. It was quite a crazy adventure, as you can imagine. That’s kinda how traveling is, but maybe, if we recognize each other’s different needs, we can keep the chaos to a minimum. I think we doers need the you relaxers! Thanks for sharing!