Fair Season ’14


It’s fair week in Lincoln County, Missouri! And, I am on a bit of a fair “high,” so in that spirit, I wanted to share two things with you today.

First, one of my children’s favblog - Fair - July 8, 14orite picture books when they were little was a book called “A Hog Call to End All.” The book, written by Suann Kiser and illustrated by John Steven Gurney, is a bit of an anthem to county fairs.

The county fair is underway and going well when a hog-calling contest bring about chaos at the fairgrounds. It’s a fun read!

You may check it out on Amazon:


Secondly, after enjoying the first day of the fair, I thought I’d write my own rhyme about all the things you might find at the Lincoln County Fair and many others within the state and country. Thanks to all those who planned and prepared over the past year to bring about a fun week for all! Enjoy!


Months before …

Houses and troughs, cages and pens,

Hogs and steers, rabbits and hens.

Animals secured, cared for and fed,

Immunized, fattened, some, hopefully, bred.

Meetings attended, projects begun,

Wednesday-night work nights over and done.

Woodworking, welding, gardening and more,

Sewing, breads, crafts, and choices galore.

The week before…

4-H floats are built, painted and dressed,

Exhibits completed to fully impress.

Ladies rehearse for Saturday’s show,

Sharing talents and smiles with royal-queen glow.

Parade day…

The day heats up as excitement grows,

Who will be in the procession nobody knows.

Flags, horses and tractors, politicians and bands,

Candy and sirens, waves and shaking of hands.

Fair time…

There is much to learn with each fair-week surprise,

“Bantam” and “pullet” are poultry words, I surmise.

Rabbits must be “balanced” within each baby meat pen,

A trio of 4-pounders might just score a ten.

The rides are thrilling and the games are a hoot,

Especially, if you’re not set on winning much loot.

The menu’s new nightly with meat, veggies and spuds,

And, you need not wear your fancy eatin’ out duds.

Music and entertainment sprinkles the grounds,

Machinery fills the air with smoke and loud sounds.

Pickler, palm readers, derbies and dirt bikes,

Joust, jump, repel, or bounce, if you like.

The big sale is exciting for entrepreneurial youth,

Who can make more money than with any lost tooth.

Though the night might go late, the sale barn stays filled,

With supportive folks ready to pull out those big bills.

The horses are groomed for nightly events,

To entertain those folks with equestrian bents.

Costumes for riders and their trusty steeds,

And hopes they won’t exceed dangerous speeds.

When fair week concludes, it’s time for a rest,

For the fair board and workers who’ve all done their best.

You’ve planned a fun week for the county and guests,

So, thanks for your efforts, by them we are blessed.


“Raised on Country Sunshine” is a sweet song, and it happens to be the theme of the Lincoln County Fair 2014. County fairs and similar events give kids an opportunity to be part of something that is good and pure. They achieve success, build confidence, have fun and learn. I hope the fairs across the country are safe and successful ones. Now, what is your fair’s theme? 

Keep Smiling!



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