Mantra or Messiah


Visualization, positive self-talk, personal mantras – these are mental tools or exercises that people use to help them reach their goals or accomplish difficult tasks in their lives. These are ways to combat irrational fears and stinkin’ thinkin’.

Some hang photos of their thinner selves to help them get into shape. Others imagine themselves mastering physical feats, and attaining workplace status or educational credentials, and they may use pictures to focus on those goals.

I have been more inclined to cling to phrases for confidence. Over the years, I’ve repeated statements in my head and aloud to garner strength in certain situations. Though not particularly creative, I used to simply say “You can do this, Hally.” I repeated it as I finished my Master’s thesis, working full-time with a toddler at home. It came in handy when I dealt with the emotional strain of fertility treatments and the adoption process. I relied on it when my sister and I buried our dad.

Here’s the thing, though. In recent years, as my faith and wisdom have grown, I realize that those words alone didn’t sustain me. I wasn’t capable of surviving and/or thriving in any of those situations, whether my positive refrain made me feel so or not.

I am not particularly emotional or expressive when it comes to my faith. I tend to be more private. But by nature, I am honest about it. And, so, I no longer recite to myself “You can do this, Hally.” That feels dishonest, proud and delusional.

What is true is that I can do nothing without His help. I am helpless in so many (maybe all) areas of my life without my Heavenly Father to love and guide me. And, when I fail to consistently stay connected with Him, I am reminded of that once again.

blog - Mantras & Messiah - July 31, 14

“I can do all things through Christ which     strengtheneth me.” (Phillipians 4:13)

Are there quotes or statements that you use to stay upbeat and focused? Are there verses that bring you comfort in difficulty? I’d love to hear what those are? Please share with us here.

Enjoy a Thoughtful Thursday!



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