What’s Your Pleasure?


One of the joys in my life is my book club. We meet tonight, and I am very excited to see my friends, have a nice dinner together, and talk about our latest reads. We weren’t able to meet in July due to crazy schedules, so this is our first gathering since June, and there is much to discuss. Our latest reads were a couple of intense tales. More on that later…

Reading has become a real blessing to me in recent years. I literally read only two or three books while growing up. I was able to read well aloud, but, when I read silently, I rarely maintained focus long enough to retain what I read. A really good listener and a great note-taker, I did fine in high school and college. (I still can’t be in any type of meeting without taking a note.) All this is super ironic since I write now and always found school writing assignments easy.

I’ve always had romantic thoughts about reading, admired avid readers, and craved to be a reader. And, one day I did. My friend suggested that she and I start a book club; she was already in one. We did so, and we have been meeting for nearly five years now. We have a great time together, and I love being able to discuss books.blog - Book Photo - 8-29-14

We need hobbies and time with friends. Whether you scrapbook or run, do crafts or read, it is good for the soul to do those things alongside friends. I encourage you to find something in your life that makes you think or inspires you, and then connect with others who have the same love. Gardening, decorating, traveling, geneology – the world is full of fun, interesting things to do. Depending on your stage of life, this may be only one monthly meeting, but that little bit of time can be really meaningful.

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites (or those we found most interesting):

From a variety of genres…

“Devil in the White City” – Erik Larson     (Lots of facts, not an “easy” read; good history.)

“1,000 White Women” – Jim Fergus          (Interesting concept; fun characters.)

“Eat, Pray, Love” – Elizabeth Gilbert          (Made for good debate; I’ll leave it at that.)

“The Kommandant’s Girl” – Pam Jenoff    (Good suspense story from WW II.)

“Big Stone Gap” – Adriana Trigiani             (Light, sweet read; good after Larson’s above.)

“Year of Wonders” – Geraldine Brooks       (Story about the big plaques in Europe.)

“The Silver Star” by Jeanette Walls              (We’ve read three of hers; she’s good.)

“One Summer – America 1927” – Bill Bryson           (Lots of detail about the time; not a novel.)

“The House on Tradd Street” –  Karen White            (Haunted house in the south; fun.)

“The Gargoyle” – Andrew Davidson                            (A good one to discuss; wild beginning.)

So, what is your hobby? How do you rejuvenate? Share your activity or a favorite book with us!

Enjoy the Weekend!




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