People-Watching: A Sure Thing for Great Fun!


I’m coming in very late on my Friday post, but you know we humans can rationalize just about anything we want to. So, here goes…

Since this post discusses my recent jaunt to Las Vegas, and Vegas is the city (or one of them) that never sleeps, I suppose it’s okay to bring this to you in the last remaining hours of the day.

While Sin City never really shuts down, I will let you know that my husband Tim and our travel companions were regularly back at our condo before 10:00 pm. We gals went to our respective rooms for female-friendly TV, and the guys stayed in the common area to watch sports. Our days were full of walking and looking, shopping and eating. And, minimal - vegas #5

I spent a total of $13 on slots and video poker. Though perhaps that was not the number to stop on and 14 would have brought a big win, but somehow I doubt it. Tim bet twice that with a few wagers on sporting events, one that is yet to be played. I’m just sure a big check is coming our way in a few months – but I won’t bet on it.

So, what was the highlight of this trip? That’s easy. The change of scenery, the sights and sounds, the people-watching – we enjoyed those - vegas#4

It had been fifteen years since Tim and I visited, and this was our friends’ first time in Las Vegas. So, we toured all the splendid hotels, ate at restaurants unavailable in the Midwest, marveled at pastries in fancy bakeries, bought gifts for our kids at the M & M store, hiked out to Pawn Stars and Freemont Street, and saw an awesome show. While the pastries were decadent, there was little other debauchery on our - vegas #2 -

But, boy the people are interesting. There were “entertainers” dressed in all manner of costumes, from scantily-clad cocktail waitresses to Hello Kitty. I wanted to take a picture of the latter, but my friend advised me in time that I’d have to pay for it. There were muscled twenty-something males in super-hero garb inviting tourist to step into their capes for a photo op. I must admit that was a bit tempting, but I couldn’t bear the thought of how cougarish I might appear in such a shot. (Did I mention this trip was in celebration of my 50th birthday?)blog - vegas #1

Then, there were those without much clothing at all. There were three grown men in diapers… apparently intentionally. I’m not sure what the goal was. There were young men and women covered entirely in body paint, with only a small strip on the most critical of regions. I have to say the artwork was amazing. My bestie was very good at averting her eyes, but sometimes I just had to take a longer look. One person called me out. “Don’t look too shocked. It’s Vegas.”

Aside from the shock value, there is worth in just plain old people-watching. If we get our eyes off of our devices and into the world around us, we can learn a vegas

In a place like Las Vegas, we see people from the very rich to the destitute. We see people from cultures and countries around the world. When we study the geographical surroundings, we gain a sense of how people live in a spot unlike our own. And, we sometimes wonder what stories all these people have to tell.

For me, that’s one of the greatest joys of travel. Seeing new things, asking questions, gaining empathy for some, being inspired by others, satisfying curiosities, realizing there is so much more than just my little spot of the world, sharing that with my kids. Learning.

It looks like it will be a beautiful weekend, perfect for some people-watching. Bet on it!

Enjoy the Weekend!









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