Street Cred


Language is fun. Colorful words, unique phrasing, timely sayings, regional accents, dialects – they add so much to our communication. I recalled some of the expressions, many coined by young people, which have been used by recent generations.

“Groovy” has been used to describe a thing or person that is really cool, but when something is a “hot mess” it most certainly is not cool or good. If a person tells another to “gag me with a spoon,” they are not impressed, but rather repulsed by something. And, if they are “blowing chunks” or “tossing their cookies” they have in fact actually gagged. If a person is “chillin’,” he is relaxed, the exact opposite of someone who has “gone postal.”

Things can be copacetic or heinous, just fine or awful. Girls can crush on (like) a guy, and boys can dump (break up with) a girl. They can be busted (caught), amped (excited), and cra cra (crazy). Complicated stuff! In fact, I am told by my teen sources that “cra cra” is now simply “cra.” Ocray. I mean otay. I mean okay! Crazy words and Buckwheat got combined in my boggled brain. This old mom has to work to keep up, or she will undoubtedly lose street cred.

It’s great to know the latest language when we communicate with our children, but perhaps the best way for us to gain meaningful credibility with them is by demonstrating honesty in our communications with them and others. It is by doing our jobs as parents even with that is hard. It is through showing them love always and discipline when needed.

Outside our homes, we have the opportunity gain or lose credibility as professionals and citizens of our community. If we fail to do our jobs well or lack integrity in our workplaces, we will lose credibility. If we support local clubs and schools, participate in service or volunteer projects, and engage in local government, we will be recognized as contributing members of our community.

And, we have the honor of gaining credibility for Christ. When we demonstrate our faith to those around us, we show them how having a relationship with Him provides hope, healing and internal (as well as eternal) happiness for believers. Though the walk of His children is not always righteous and sometimes is rough, Christians choose to persevere with His help.

And no matter what lingo you use, that’s radical!


As I complete this post, I am hoping it will bring you a smile. However, I am feeling sad this evening. A woman in my town died today, leaving three children behind. I have known her casually for a few years, but had a few meaningful conversations with her in recent months. She wanted to help others and had considered joining my writing group, but was busy with many endeavors. I am sorry for her children and family, but I am pleased to know that she had been saved in recent months. She was living for Christ. Please remember her children in your prayers.

Enjoy a Thoughtful Thursday,



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  1. Love the post! My kids always think it’s nuts when I speak their language. But you’re right, integrity is much more important.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Praying for her family right now.

    • Thanks for reading Lynnae! They want us to be cool, but not invade their “space” in the world, I suppose. Tricky business being a parent!