My Story at Made to Mother


On this Thanksgiving Day, I have an abundance of things to be grateful for! I am blessed to have family and friends, my husband and children, my church family, good schools for my children to attend, a home, health, and infinitely more. I thank my Heavenly Father for these, and, most importantly, for the promise of salvation and an eternal home with Him.

Some, however, are sad or sick today – physically, emotionally, or spiritually weak or broken. As I offer thanks to God today, I will pray also for those less fortunate than I.

Now, for future reference…

Today is a day of celebration, but there are those times throughout the year when there seems to be no reason to be festive. So, for those days, here is a link to a very cool site. Check it out if you need a little lift or a reason to do something special. It’s a very comprehensive list of all the monthly and daily holidays and observances:

This month is National Adoption Month, and fellow blogger, Wynter Kaiser, has featured adoption stories throughout the month. She graciously shared mine yesterday, and I would love you to take a peek at my story and at Wynter’s site:

By the way, who doesn’t think her name is cool? Cool name, but be assured her writing is in no way cold. She writes with great warmth and wisdom, and I think you’ll enjoy what she has to share.

Be Blessed!



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