Cakes Without Calories!


Happy Friday, friends! I hope the New Year is off to a great start for everyone. It feels like I am only now getting back into the rhythm of things. My late-night, late-rising sleep habits were hard to break after everyone returned to school and work.

For local folks, the cakes are on the way out…blog - cake3 - Jan. 2015

In 2014, St. Louis celebrated its 250th anniversary with a fun display of cake statues in key spots around the metropolitan area and surrounding counties. I learned about the “cake tour” last spring and wanted to take my own. My plan, mapped out and scheduled, was to see 20 of the creations on a 4-H Arts & Crafts field trip in the fall. As parents, most outings are connected with our children’s activities. That’s a hard habit to break, too. Alas, one activity bumped another, and my tour didn’t happen.

My kids are teens now, and my husband and I are just starting to find that, while they still keep us very busy, there are those opportunities to get out on our own, go with our friends (most of whom are now blog - cake2 -Jan. 2015empty-nesters or nearly so), and leave the youngin’s on their own. That’s kinda nice.

Though I never viewed more than a few random cakes in passing, a lovely young friend of mine did. She, like some others, made it a goal to see and document many of them during the year, so I will live vicariously through her. Here are a few pictures and a lesson for parents…

Raising kids is tough and rarely ever a cake walk, and sometimes we miss out on things we would like to do because we defer to their needs at the time. But… the rewards for a job well done are sweeter far than any cake, pie, or brownie around. I don’t say that lightly. And, ultimately, time goes by so quickly, and young ones are soon on their own. Let’s enjoy all the craziness while it last!

Enjoy these cake photos courtesy of Ms. Lauren Berry’s. And, does anyone think she looks a bit like a blond Anne Hathaway? Thanks, Lauren, for sharing!

And, here’s the link to information about the cakes and the celebration that was:blog- cake4 - Jan. 2015

Enjoy the Weekend!blog- cake5 - Jan. 2015

Hallyblog- cake1 - Jan. 2015



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  1. It was truly a fun way for stl to celebrate! I was so surprised when I woyld see one of the cakes. Really fun!

    • Agreed, Carol! There are lots of things to do at home and in the world! Why would anyone ever get bored? Tired, yes. Bored, no! Thanks for reading and sharing!