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More Than Enough


Hi, again! It is unusual for me to post two times so closely together (especially recently), but today I’m sending you to another blog hosted by a new friend in the blogging/Christian writing world. Her name is Cate, and she shares all sorts of good stuff at her site “The Fabulous Wife.” I know life is super busy, but there is a lot of great information available online. If you have some time, check-out a few sites. I like to “sample” a few each week, kinda like I would at the dessert table for church fellowship meals.

My article at Cate’s site is a little encouragement for all who have felt inadequate at one time or another, and that’s just way too many of us. As we start a new year and are considering self-improvement, keep in mind that we are “enough.” Setting goals for better health and more productivity is admirable, as long as we remember we have all the tools needed to do just what He made us for.

See more of my post and take a taste (I mean a read) at The Fabulous Wife: