These are some of my loves:  kids (I’m particularly familiar with tweens and teens, because that’s who I’m raising right now, and those are the ages I’ve worked with in schools), communicating with people and hearing their stories, travel, reading, writing, family traditions, learning, and fellowship with my Christian brothers and sisters.

I enjoy:  architecture, museums, nature, simple arts and crafts, times with friends, good-smelling candles, listening to almost all types of music, and marching bands, cheerleading, and 4-H. These days, I spend lots of time on the last three thanks to the interests and activities of my children.

I am:  a biological and adoptive parent, a very-near-fifty mom of a 12-year-old and a 16-year-old, a counselor by trade and nature, a restless and weary soul on some days, and, on other days, an inspired and creative mom and wife. I try to be a servant of God every day.

Let’s talk about it all: blooming, bonding and building!


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